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Silicon-Cell Pyranometers

Accurate and stable total shortwave radiation measurement and global radiation measurement

Shortwave radiation drives evapotranspiration and can be harnessed as electricity. Apogee pyranometers are a cost-effective tool for quantifying this energy using silicon-cell photodiode technology. Through the years, Apogee has become the industry leader in silicon-cell pyranometers by continually refining our pyranometer performance, stability, durability, and cosine response. Additionally, each sensor is backed by Apogee's excellent customer support and four-year warranty.

Apogee Instruments silicon-cell pyranometers measure incoming shortwave radiation in agricultural, ecological, and hydrological weather networks, and solar panel arrays. They are widely installed as standard equipment on weather stations from companies like Campbell Scientific, Columbia Weather Systems, and more
  Rugged Design
Apogee pyranometers feature a fully epoxy-potted head making the sensor weatherproof and eliminating thermal based accuracy fluctuations. Each sensor design is subjected to unprecedented extreme accelerated aging tests to ensure long-term performance in the harshest environments.
Read about our accelerated aging tests in detail here.
Pyranometer from Apogee Instruments
Sensors feature high-quality, silicon-cell photodiode sensors pre-calibrated in controlled conditions traceable to ISO class reference standards, with an uncertainty of ±5% under clear sky conditions.
  Self-cleaning Head
The patented dome-shape head quickly sheds water, dirt, and other debris, reducing maintenance and maximizing performance in the field.
Sensors come in several outputs that are readily compatible with most dataloggers or can be used with an attached handheld meter.
  Excellent Cosine Response
Sensors measure total solar radiation with a cosine response within ±5%.
Warranty and Support
All Apogee products are backed by an industry-leading four year warranty and outstanding customer support.


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