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Pyranometers from Apogee Instruments 
  • Patented dome-shape does not trap water or debris
  • Excellent cosine response
  • Head is potted solid making it waterproof, weatherproof, and reducing thermal based measurement fluctuations
  • Calibrated silicon-cell photodiode sensor accurate to ±5% under clear sky conditions
  • Easily integrates with most dataloggers
  • Widely installed on weather stations from Campbell Scientific, Columbia Weather Systems and more
  • Available with pigtail leads or attached handheld meter
  • Custom options available for system integrators
  • Four year warranty



Silicon-Cell Pyranometers

Accurate and stable total shortwave radiation measurement and global radiation measurement


Apogee Instruments pyranometers represent the newest generation of silicon-cell pyranometer design maximizing accuracy, stability and durability. Featuring a high-quality silicon-cell photodiode and excellent cosine response, our pyranometers measure total solar radiation to within ±5% for a fraction of the price of black-body pyranometers, and at a lower cost than most other photodiode pyranometers on the market due to advancements in manufacturing.

Our pyranometers feature a fully potted, domed-shaped head making the sensor fully weatherproof, self-cleaning, and impervious to thermal based accuracy fluctuations. Apogee’s latest pyranometer design is the culmination of over 16 years of field-testing and feedback from scientists all over the world. Apogee also subjects all sensor designs to unprecedented extreme accelerated aging tests to eliminate any weaknesses or design flaws. Read about our accelerated aging tests in detail here.

To ensure accuracy, each Apogee pyranometer is carefully pre-calibrated in controlled conditions and traceable to ISO class reference standards so your sensor is ready to go right out of the box. Our stock sensors come in several configurations and are readily compatible with most data-loggers. Our custom options can provide maximum flexibility by offering different multipliers, outputs, and cable lengths. With Apogee, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer and we can work with you to ensure a pyranometer that fits your specific need, no matter how large or small.



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Apogee Instruments Pyranometer Technical Information


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Spec Sheets: SP Series Sensors, MP Series Meters
Owner's Manuals:
SP-110, SP-212 & 215, SP-214, SP-230, MP Series


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