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Chlorophyll Concentration

 MC-100 Chlorophyll Concentration Meter



New Chlorophyll Meter - Patent Pending

Apogee Instruments announces a major advance in the non-destructive measurement of leaf chlorophyll concentration. Based on research from scientists at Utah State University represented in the graphs below, Apogee has developed a new optical meter that combines the features of the CCM-200 plus from Opti-sciences with the ability to output a measurement of chlorophyll in units of µmol of chlorophyll per m2 of leaf surface. This patent pending meter is a significant improvement over older meters, which are limited to outputting indexes (CCI or SPAD) that are non-linearly related to leaf chlorophyll.

Reference: Parry, C., Blonquist, J. M. & Bugbee, B. In situ measurement of leaf chlorophyll concentration: analysis of the optical/absolute relationship. Plant Cell Environ. 37, 2508–2520 (2014). 


New Additional Output Unit - Chlorophyll Concentration

  • Displays units of chlorophyll concentration: µmol per m2 of leaf surface
  • Comparable meters only output relative indices that are non-linearly related to chlorphyll concentration (e.g. CCI or SPAD). For information on how to convert your old index data please contact Technical Support.
  • The graphs below (click to enlarge) show how the CCI and SPAD indices relate to chlorophyll concentration, 


Consistent Readings

  • Rapid measurement of cholorophyll concentration
  • Large 9 mm diameter (63.6 mm2) sampling chamber to integrate a larger leaf area and provide a more reproducible measurement
  • Included Field of View Reducer accessory 19.6 mm2 sample chamber, see details here.

State of the Art Optical Field Measurement

  • Measures chlorophyll concentration from leaves without damaging plant material
  • Lightweight design facilitates hand-held measurements in the field
  • Larger sampling area integrates a larger portion of leaf
  • Stores over 100,000 data points, more than most meters
  • Integrates with third-party GPS to mark location
  • Meter calculates average of user-defined sample sizes to evaluate overall plant health




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Apogee MC-100 Chlorophyll Concentration Meter


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