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New Chlorophyll Concentration Meter

Measure Chlorophyll in µmol per m 2

Chlorophyll is vital for photosynthesis and its concentration indicates plant health and nutrition. Apogee is proud to announce a major advance in the non-destructive measurement of leaf chlorophyll concentration. Based on the research of scientists at Utah State University represented in the graphs below, Apogee has developed a competitively priced optical meter that outputs a measured estimate of chlorophyll in units of µmol of chlorophyll per m2 of leaf surface. The linear output of this patent pending meter is a significant improvement over older style meters, which output indexes that are non-linearly related to leaf chlorophyll.

*Parry, C., Blonquist, J. M. & Bugbee, B. In situ measurement of leaf chlorophyll concentration: analysis of the optical/absolute relationship. Plant Cell Environ. 37, 2508–2520 (2014).

Click here for full screen    About Dr. Bruce Bugbee

Click here for full screen    About Dr. Bruce Bugbee

Application The Chlorophyll Concentration Meter is used in research and teaching applications to determine the chlorophyll concentration for plant nutrient status assessment, environmental stress impact, optimize harvest schedules, and evaluate efficacy of fertilizer treatments.   Consistent Readings The MC-100 uses a larger sampling area to integrate a larger leaf area and provide a more reproducible measurement. The MC-100 includes a field of view reducer that can be used if the leaf width is narrower than the 9.0 mm sample chamber. Chlorophyll Concentration Meter MC-100
New Linear Output Unit The MC-100 displays chlorophyll concentration in a linear output unit of µmol of chlorophyll per m² of leaf surface. The meter is also capable of displaying CCI and SPAD outputs. Comparable meters only output relative indices that are non-linearly related to chlorophyll concentration (e.g. CCI or SPAD). For information on how to convert your old index data please contact Technical Support. The Graphs below (click to enlarge) show how the CCI and SPAD indices relate to chlorophyll concentration.   State-of-the-Art Optical Field Measurement The new meter, optimized for field work, includes state-of-the-art optics with rapid sampling, a large display, and sample memory that can be downloaded to a computer. Meter stores over 100,000 data points, and calculates average of user-defined sample sizes to evaluate overall plant health. Meter is also integrated with third-party GPS to mark location.


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