Apogee's sensors can be found on systems from some of the best integrators and manufacturers in the industry. This growing list of companies have discovered our durability, compatibility, and exceptional level of quality for the price. To purchase our products as part of a preconfigured system, please contact one of the companies listed below.

If you are a system integrator or OEM, please contact us with questions or for information about our custom options including outputs, multipliers, lead lengths, and connectors. We are happy to work with you no matter the size or scope of your project.

Aeron Systems - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Aeron Systems
Manufactures wireless data loggers for automatic weather stations and provides integrated automatic weather stations with sensors suitable for various applications. Focus area is weather monitoring, plant science and solar power.

AlsoEnergy - Apogee Instruments Integrator

AlsoEnergy delivers comprehensive top-tier monitoring and control solutions for a variety of technologies, with a focus on solar PV monitoring.

Candidus - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Candidus designs and manufactures systems for measuring and controlling supplemental lighting systems in greenhouses. Many systems simply turn lights on and off based on a timer regardless of conditions, but the Candidus system monitors real-time lighting levels and dims and brightens lights based on cloud conditions, Daily Light Integral (DLI) and photoperiod goals, flowering control requirements, and more. This helps ensure plant health and maximizes electrical efficiency. The system was designed by leading plant scientists and Candidus offers consulting for proper installation and settings based on crop types and the lighting system used in the facility.

Cityblooms - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Located at the intersection of the world’s tech and agricultural capitals, Cityblooms makes farming ‘smart.’ The inspiration for Cityblooms came out of a desire to provide sustainably grown food to a rapidly expanding population. Cityblooms has developed Internet connected and controlled micro-farms that transform underutilized spaces into highly productive agricultural hubs. With its time-tested, resource-efficient farming techniques, Cityblooms enables enterprising ‘agripreneurs’ to produce premium crops with drastic improvements in resource efficiency. At the end of the day, Cityblooms provides communities with easy and affordable access to nutritious fresh produce.

Colombia Weather Systems - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Columbia Weather Systems
Manufactures professional weather stations providing instantaneous, on-site weather data for operational decisions in public safety and industries affected by weather conditions. Multi-sensor weather monitoring systems measure a variety of meteorological parameters including wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, rainfall, and solar radiation.

Conviron - Apogee Instruments Integrator

The world's largest supplier of plant growth chambers and rooms and high performance research greenhouses, our primary markets include agricultural biotechnology and other life-science disciplines.

Delta-T Devices - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Delta-T Devices
Established in 1971, Delta-T Devices specializes in instruments for environmental science, in particular: agronomy, plant physiology, eco-physiology, data logging, meteorology, soil moisture, solar energy studies and environmental monitoring.

Dyacon - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Dyacon manufactures the most cost effective, easy-to-use weather stations and instruments for commercial and industrial applications, such as aviation, agriculture, safety and industrial automation. Data is accessible through SMS text message, Modbus, web portal, email, ftp, and USB. MADE in the USA.

Dynamax - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Dynamax, Inc. manufactures and distributes a wide range of products for plant science research, including sap flow systems for measuring “Real-Time” plant water use, transpiration, plant water relations, soil moisture, soil respiration, weather, phytoremediation, plant stress, global climate change, root development, and irrigation.

Environmental Growth Chambers - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Environmental Growth Chambers
EGC has been designing and manufacturing plant growth chambers and controlled environment rooms since 1952. Standard sizes range from 17 cu.ft. reach-ins to 2500 sq.ft. walk-ins. In addition to our broad range of standard offerings we specialize in custom applications to meet the unique needs of the scientific and industrial communities.

ESE logo

ESE Group
ESE is an expert in software to devices for renewable energy management. Our products use artificial intelligence and machine learning to forecast power availability and to monitor the performance of each component of a power plant. ESE has its own R&D and testing site in Mikkeli, Finland. The solar power plant is called Sun Mikkeli and it's the most modern solar power plant in Finland at this moment.

ICT International - Apogee Instruments Integrator

ICT International
Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring. The innovation behind the family of ICT International products is the underlying data logging platform, software and firmware protocols to interface an extensive sensor library both in terms of measurement parameter and output protocol.

 Apogee Instruments Integrator

Key Solutions Group
Key Solutions Group is the Authorized Manufacturer's Representative for Bio-Cide International. KSG's supply chain offers state-of-the-art chlorine dioxide (CLO2) products, including Oxine® Horticulture (OMRI Cert.) serving the indoor horticulture industries including flowers, flowering plants, vegetables, fruits and cannabis. Key Solutions Group also supplies additional Oxine® products to an array of other business sectors including food processing, direct to food applications and industrial water treatment.

Meter -
 Apogee Instruments Integrator

Manufactures, and markets scientific instruments and systems primarily focused on measuring water, light, and heat in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.

NovaLynx - Apogee Instruments Integrator

NovaLynx is an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and integration of meteorological systems. Using the best possible combination of meteorological sensors, signal conditioning, and data acquisition technologies, we can build a custom weather station to meet your exact requirements. We specialize in rugged equipment, suitable for industrial applications, that provides the accuracy required by scientific researchers and weather professionals.

Percival Scientific - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Percival Scientific
Percival Scientific continues to set the standard of excellence for environmental growth chambers by designing and manufacturing several lines of reliable plant growth chambers, biological incubators and special application research chambers. We offer the largest choice of both Select Series by Percival and custom chamber solutions designed to meet your specific research requirements, timelines and budgets.

Rainwise - Apogee Instruments Integrator

RainWise is a leading global manufacturer of high quality, innovative meteorological measurement and monitoring solutions for professional, consumer and custom applications, and a pioneer in cloud-based weather data access. Products include solar powered wireless weather stations, data loggers, rain gauges, anemometers, barometers, thermometers and a variety of other weather-related products.

Sensorscope - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Sensorscope provides new powerful and versatile measuring systems that offers maximum flexibility and maximum compatibility with most of the sensors available in the market. The system is based on multiple radio-enabled modules which wirelessly communicate to each other.

Sistemes Electrònics PROGRÉS - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Sistemes Electrònics PROGRÉS, S.A.
Sistemes Electrònics PROGRÉS, S.A. is engaged, since 1985, in the design, development and manufacturing of solutions for the irrigation management in farms, irrigation communities, parks and gardens.

Stevens Water - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Stevens Water
Manufacturer of environmental monitoring systems and equipment, including data loggers, water level sensors, water quality sensors, soil moisture sensors, water flow measurement, weather monitoring sensors, and telemetry data systems.

Tiloom - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Tiloom deploys wireless environmental monitoring platforms and provides personalized remote data feeds. Self-diagnostic tools are then used to automatically manage assets, trimming operational costs. Tiloom specializes in installing the most effective turf sensors and metering solutions that provide valuable information for greenkeepers to take care of the health of sport turfs using a complete, real-time platform that monitors temperature, humidity, electroconductivity, water root needs (cbar) and O2 content in soil.

Toro - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Manufactures weather systems used for controlling and regulating irrigation systems.

Weatherhawk Logo - Apogee Instruments Integrator

Offers weather stations for home or light industrial use, wireless or wired, to be connected to a computer.