Technical Drawings

You can access a PDF version of the technical drawing for each of our products by selecting the appropriate link below. If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download one here.

Aspirated Radiation Shield
Barometric Pressure Sensor
Chlorophyll Concentration Meter
Cloudburst Weighing Precipitation Gauge
Daily Light Integral and Photoperiod Meter
Guardian CEA Multi-Sensor Monitor
Humidity Probes
Infrared Radiometers
Radiation Frost Detector
NDVI and PRI Sensors
Net Radiometer
Oxygen Sensors
Photometric Sensors
Apogee Instruments Photometric Sensors
Precipitation Gauge
Apogee Instruments Photometric Sensors
Thermopile Pyranometers
Silicon-cell Pyranometers
Full-Spectrum Quantum Sensors
Original Quantum Sensor
ePAR and ePFD Sensors
Quantum Light Pollution Sensors
Red - Far-Red Sensors
PAR-FAR Sensors
Field Spectroradiometers
InSight Handheld Spectroradiometers
Lab Spectroradiometers
Temperature Sensors
UV Sensors