Technical Drawings

You can access a PDF version of the technical drawing for each of our products by selecting the appropriate link below. If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download one here.

Aspirated Radiation Shield
Barometric Pressure Sensor
Chlorophyll Concentration Meter
Infrared Radiometers
Net Radiometer
Oxygen Sensors
Thermopile Pyranometers
Silicon-cell Pyranometers
Full-Spectrum Quantum Sensors
Original Quantum Sensor
Leaf and Bud Temperature Sensor
Field Spectroradiometers
Lab Spectroradiometers
Red/Far Red Sensors
Apogee Instruments Red/Far Red Sensors
Coming soon... 
PAR/Far Red Sensors
Apogee Instruments PAR/Far Red Sensors
Coming soon...
NDVI and PRI Radiometers
Apogee Instruments NDVI and PRI Radiometers
Coming soon...
Temperature Sensors
UV Sensors