Apogee software is Windows compatible, XP and later; Mac compatible, 10.10 and later.

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Field Spectroradiometer Software - Model SS-110 and SS-120


USB Pyranometer Software - Model SP-420


USB UV Sensor Software - Model SU-420


Lab Spectroradiometer Software - Models PS-100, PS-200, and PS-300


Handheld Meter Data Collection Software - MQ, PM, MI, MO, and MU Series Models


USB Quantum Sensor Software - Models SQ-420 and SQ-520

If your SQ-420 sensor has a serial number less than 1258 click here for update instructions.


Sample Datalogger Programs

Programs are in .CR1 format and can be downloaded for use with Campbell Scientific dataloggers. Right click and select "Save target as..." or an equivalent command in your browser. They can also be viewed using Wordpad or other text viewers.


BioTek Marine Software - BTM3000

If your BTM3000 sensor has a serial number less than 1430 click here for update instructions

BioTek Marine