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Chlorophyll Content

 Chlorophyll Content Concentration Meter by Apogee Instruments



Chlorophyll Concentration


Non-destructive chlorophyll content measurement


  • Measures relative chlorophyll content in intact leaves without damaging plant material
  • Lightweight design facilitates hand-held measurements in the field
  • Larger sampling area integrates a larger portion of leaf
  • Stores over 100,000 data points, more than any other meter
  • Integrates with GPS to mark location
  • Meter calculates average of user-defined sample sizes to evaluate overall plant health

The CCM-200 plus Chlorophyll Content Meter measures chlorophyll in intact samples without damaging your plant material. This data can be used to monitor environmental stress, evaluate the demand and efficacy of fertilizer treatments and optimize harvest schedules. The meter fully operates on its own (no P.C. required) and also has USB and RS-232 connectivity to download data to a computer.



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