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Temperature Sensors

Apogee Temperature Sensors


Apogee temperature sensors use high precision thermistors to measure air and soil temperatures.  We offer a few different products which vary in design and purpose, including three thermistor temperature sensors and a PRT.


Thermistor Temperature Sensor from Apogee InstrumentsThermistor Temperature Sensor

The thermistor temperature sensor is a small thermistor enclosed in a weatherproof housing. It is suitable for measuring air and soil temperatures with a datalogger.The temperature measurement range is -50 to 70 C with an accuracy of 0.1 C above 0 C. Shop>








Fine-Wire Thermistor

The fine-wire thermistor is ideally suited for taking measurements of surfaces or small samples where even a narrow field of view infrared radiometer may not be suitable due to the integration over its conical field of view. The small size also provides a more rapid response to changes in temperature than larger sensors.

In spite of the small size, the sensor is remarkably rugged and can be repeatedly pushed into plant tissues with a tweezers.  The wires are flexible so it is less sensitive to breakage than similarly-sized fine wire thermocouples.

The temperature measurement range is -50 to 70 C with an accuracy of 0.2 C above 0 C. Shop>

 ST-200 Fine-Wire ThermistorST-200 Fine-Wire Thermistorst-200-fine-wire-thermistor-6.jpg






ST-110 Thermistor

This precision thermistor temperature sensor is optimized for air temperature measurement. Reflective white heat-shrink reduces solar loading on the cable behind the thermistor.  A constantan wire transition is used to minimize thermal conduction to the sensor tip.  The sensor is designed for long-term outdoor installations in radiation shields in all climates.

The temperature measurement range is -50 to 70 C with an accuracy of 0.1 C above 0 C. Shop>

 ST-110 thermistor




ST-300 Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT)

The ST-300 is a 1/10 DIN platinum resistance thermometer (PRT), consisting of a platinum resistive element enclosed in a stainless steel sheath, and lead wires to connect the sensor to a measurement device. ST-300 sensors are weatherproof and designed for continuous air temperature measurement when housed in an aspirated radiation shield, such as the TS-100 fan aspirated radiation shield.

Apogee ST-300 Platinum Resistance Thermometer PRT


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For non-contact temperature measurements see our infrared radiometers.


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