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Infrared Temperature Sensor

Highest-accuracy non-contact surface temperature measurement

Apogee Instruments Infrared Radiometers (IRRs) are the most accurate infrared radiometer on the market. IRRs measure surface temperature rapidly by converting thermal energy radiated from any surface in its field of view (FOV) to an electrical signal.

Click for full screen   About Dr. Bruce Bugbee

Click for full screen   About Dr. Bruce Bugbee

Apogee Instruments Infrared Radiometers are used to measure plant canopy temperature, for plant water stress estimation; road surface temperature, to determine icing conditions; and terrestrial surface temperature, for energy balance studies.
  Fast Accurate Measurements
Our radiometers are calibrated to the temperature of a custom blackbody cone head at multiple fixed temperatures over a range or radiometer (detector/sensor body) temperatures. This unique calibration provides a measurement uncertainty of ±0.2 C from -30 to +65 C when the sensor body temperature is within 20 C of the target.
IRR Sensor MI-210 from Apogee Instruments
Rugged and Lightweight
Durable anodized aluminum housing makes sensor strong and lightweight. Sensor is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, and has an included radiation shield to minimize thermal fluctuations. Sensor’s resilient 8-14 µm germanium window corresponds to the atmospheric window to minimize the effects of water bands below 8 µm and above 14 µm.
  Multiple Field of View Options
Sensors are made with multiple field of view options, using circular and horizontal apertures. Circular apertures provide a range from half angles of 14, 18, and 22 degrees. Horizontal apertures provide a range from 13 and 32 degrees for the vertical and horizontal half angles, respectively.
Sensors come in several configurations that are readily compatible with most dataloggers or can be used with an attached handheld meter.
  Warranty and Support
All Apogee products are backed by an industry-leading four year warranty and outstanding customer support.


Apogee Instruments IRR sensors come in different field of view options. Apogee Instruments IRR sensors come in different field of view options.



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