Applications and Uses of Infrared Radiometers

Infrared Radiometer Applications

About Infrared Radiometers

All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit electromagnetic radiation. The wavelengths and intensity of radiation emitted are related to the temperature of the object. Infrared radiometers are sensors that measure infrared radiation, which is used to determine surface temperature without touching the surface (when using sensors that must be in contact with the surface, it can be difficult to maintain thermal equilibrium without altering surface temperature). Infrared radiometers are often called infrared thermometers because temperature is the desired quantity, even though the sensors detect radiation.

Typical Applications

Typical applications of infrared radiometers include:

  • phenotyping
  • plant canopy temperature measurement for use in plant water status estimation
  • road surface temperature measurement for determination of icing conditions
  • terrestrial surface (soil, vegetation, water, snow) temperature measurement in energy balance studies
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High Throughput Field Phenotyping Multi-sensor System
Infrared radiometer measures canopy temperature on a multi-sensor system for high throughput field phenotyping in soybean and wheat breeding.
Weather Information Service Engine Project (WISE)
SI-111 Infrared Radiometers measure building surface temperature as part of Weather Information Service Engine (WISE) Project.
Temperature Free-Air Controlled Enhancement T-FACE
Simulating warmer conditions by applying a heat treatment to open-field plant canopies. Infrared radiometers provide the data and control the heated plot temperatures.
Measuring ground surface temperature to measure snow runoff.
Forecasting Ice Formations
Forecasting ice formation on road surfaces using infrared radiometers on a mobile system.
Colombia Rose Fungus Study
Studying conditions that cause fungus growth on roses.
Crop Water Stress Index
Using infrared radiometers to determine water schedule for plants.
Oklahoma Mesonet
Measuring the temperature of the interface between the earth's surface and its atmosphere on automated meteorological networks spaced evenly across Oklahoma.