Apogee Distributor - Coral Laboratories and Chemical Trading LLC

Coral Laboratories and Chemical Trading LLC - Apogee Instruments Distributor

Coral Laboratories & Chemical Trading LLC

Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates

We, Coral Laboratories & Chemical Trading LLC, Dubai, is a leading supplier of wide range of Laboratory Instruments, Glasswares, Chemicals, Online Process Control Panel & Other Laboratory products Odour Control for Waste water Treatment Plant Scrubber Chemicals; from world’s renowned manufacturers.

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Office WH S10 Al-Quasis Industrial Are 3
Al-Nadha behind UHL Sports 
Al-Nadha Dubai UAE
Dubai, Dubai 24105
United Arab Emirates
Apogee Products Carried
Pyranometer Sensors  
Pyranometer Meters  
Net Radiometers  
Quantum Sensors
Quantum Meters
PAR-FAR & Red - Far-red Sensors  
Infrared Sensors  
Infrared Meters  
UV Sensors  
UV Meters  
Oxygen Sensors  
Oxygen Meters  
Aspirated Shield  
Temperature Sensors  
Barometric Sensors  
Humidity Sensors  
Chlorophyll Meters  
Photometric Sensors  
µCache microLogger  
 *If the product you need is not available from this distributor, contact Apogee Instruments directly.

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