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Coral Laboratories and Chemical Trading LLC - Apogee Instruments Distributor

Coral Laboratories & Chemical Trading LLC

Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates

We, Coral Laboratories & Chemical Trading LLC, Dubai, is a leading supplier of wide range of Laboratory Instruments, Glasswares, Chemicals, Online Process Control Panel & Other Laboratory products Odour Control for Waste water Treatment Plant Scrubber Chemicals; from world’s renowned manufacturers.

Office WH S10 Al-Quasis Industrial Are 3
Al-Nadha behind UHL Sports 
Al-Nadha Dubai UAE
Dubai, Dubai 24105
United Arab Emirates
Apogee Products Carried
Pyranometer Sensors  
Pyranometer Meters  
Quantum Sensors
Quantum Meters
UV Sensors  
UV Meters  
Infrared Sensors  
Infrared Meters  
Oxygen Sensors  
Oxygen Meters  
Temperature Sensors  
Barometric Sensors  
Chlorophyll Concentration Meters  
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