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Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates

As a regional reference of IoT solutions, active for 10 years in the telematics domain, MachinesTalk, a NOMD Holdings subsidiary, family of 1200 employees, promises customers cutting-edge diversified solutions that give them the essential insight to run efficient and safe operations. MachinesTalk operates in 3 vertical, Smart Transport, Smart Cities & Communities, and Smart Industry. Some of our main customers include; Saudi Aramco, King Abdullah Medical City, SEPCO, Ministry of Defense, the National Guard, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Health, University of Dammam, and much more. Some of our most value partners include; HERE, Orbcomm, Google, LoRa, Actility, CargoMon, Omni-ID, Honeywell, Alematics.

At Taawun At Taawun District, North Ring Road - Exit 6
Riyadh, Central Region 12475
Saudi Arabia
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