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QualityLab is committed to providing quality products and services to our competitive global marketplace in the Levant area. The common goal of our business is to exceed the expectations of our clients, vendors, and associates. As we continue to expand our global leadership position, client satisfaction will continue to be our highest priority.

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Dekweneh Main Road Housing Build 6 Floor Dekweneh Main St.
Dekweneh, Dekweneh Beirut
Apogee Products Carried
Pyranometer Sensors
Pyranometer Meters
Net Radiometers
Quantum Sensors
Quantum Meters
PAR-FAR & Red - Far-red Sensors
Infrared Sensors
Infrared Meters
UV Sensors
UV Meters
Oxygen Sensors
Oxygen Meters
Aspirated Shield
Temperature Sensors
Barometric Sensors
Humidity Sensors
Chlorophyll Meters
Photometric Sensors
µCache microLogger
 *If the product you need is not available from this distributor, contact Apogee Instruments directly.

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