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Ruber Eim de Mexico is the sole representative and sales Agent of portable and laboratory instruments for plant, soil and weather sciences from USA and Europe Manufacturers for all Mexico Country market.
Ruber Eim de Mexico was established in 1990 and has been recognized all through this time as strong sales company for the agronomy and forest instrumentation. We have very well organized sales and service teams with capability of repair for warranty/non-warranty services for all those brands we represent in Mexico. Mr. Carlos Soto Villarreal is the Director and Sales Manager for Ruber Eim de Mexico with a long experience in sales for more than 32 years since 1976 starting with Philips Science and Industry Department at Process Control Instrumentation and later on Analytical Instrument (Pye Unicam) and other Philips instruments.
We represent in Mexico well recognized brand companies such as Apogee Instruments Inc. Decagon Devices Inc. Opti-Sciences Inc., Soilmoisture Equipment Corp., etc.
Ruber Eim was the pioneer company in Mexico to offer specialized handheld instruments for photosynthesis analysis, plant stress sap flow studies, environmental radiation sensors and quantum meters, soil properties and many other specially instruments not offered by any other companies to researchers at Mexican Universities and Government Bureaus as well as to field and greenhouses growers and agronomy independent consultants.

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