Modelling Algal Species in Kuwait

The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research uses Apogees' MQ-510 underwater full-spectrum quantum meter to help model algal species. Here is a description Dr. Yousef Alosairi, Research Scientist in the field of numerical modeling of coastal processes, provided about their work:

Photosynthetically Active Radiation, frequently referred to as PAR, is one of the key parameters found in water quality models. PAR is normally prescribed when modelling algal species and the associated growth rates. To enable accurate representation and model predictions it is important to conduct continuous field measurements. Recently at KISR we embedded to our routine measurements the PAR measurements in Kuwait Bay. This is to advance our understanding to the frequent algal bloom and fish kill incident particularly occurring during the summer season. Selecting the correct sensor for the correct application is key to monitoring the marine environment. The Apogee sensor (MQ-510) ensures the delivery of reliable data.

MQ-510  Holding MQ-510 Undwater quantum sensor MQ-510 underwater quantum meter and sensor  Closeup of MQ-510 underwater quantum meter and sensor PAR measurements with MQ-510 underwater quantum meter

Application Summary

Apogee Instruments' MQ-510 is used to model algal species in the Kuwait Bay.
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