Using Campbell Scientific LoggerNet Short Cut SCWIN - Apogee SI Series

How to use Campbell Scientific LoggerNet Short Cut (SCWIN) with Apogee’s SI models: SI-111, SI-121, SI-131 and SI-1H1

The instructions below are for how to generate a program in Campbell's Scientific LoggerNet Short Cut for the SI-111, SI-121, SI-131, SI-1H1

  1. Open up LoggerNet on your computer.
  2. Scroll over “Program” and click on “Short Cut”.
  3. Click on “New Program”.
  4. Open up model you are using for your application.
  5. Click “OK” on Scan Interval.
  6. It now gives you the Short Cut directory of canned modules available for the listed sensors.
  7. Now expand the “Temperature” folder.
  8. Under this directory look for the sensor labeled “IRR-P Precision Infrared Temperature Sensor”
  9. After clicking on “IRR-P Precision Infrared Temperature Sensor” it will ask you to enter in the coefficients from the calibration sheet.
  10. At this point, the process is self explanatory and essentially ready to save and use to begin getting temperature readings with your Campbell Scientific Data Logger.

For the more program savvy customers, it is recommended to view the CRBasic sample program listed on the downloads page under Sample Programs.

These canned instructions labeled “IRR-P Precision Infrared Temperature Sensor” will work for any of our Analog SI models including the SI-111, SI-121, SI-131, and SI-1H1.