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Comet Andrzej Mostek - Apogee Instruments Distributor

Comet Andrzej Mostek Sp.k.

Poland, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan
In addition to the implementation of complex IT and meteorological projects, we are also a distributor of specialist meteorological equipment. Having noticed the growing demand for modern solutions on the Polish market, we have introduced a range of products and services. Our top value is the qualified staff and personalized approach. Our employees always help to choose the best and most optimal solutions and support the client with professional knowledge at every stage of decision-making.
Mr. Andrzej Mostek
+48 604 830 450
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COMET Andrzej Mostek Sp.K./Ul. Moscickiego 1,
24-110 Pulawy
Apogee Products Carried
Pyranometer Sensors
Pyranometer Meters
Net Radiometers
Quantum Sensors
Quantum Meters
PAR-FAR & Red - Far-red Sensors
Infrared Sensors
Infrared Meters
UV Sensors
UV Meters
Oxygen Sensors
Oxygen Meters
Aspirated Shield
Temperature Sensors
Barometric Sensors
Humidity Sensors
Chlorophyll Meters
Photometric Sensors
µCache microLogger

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