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Apogee Instruments is a value-added reseller of StellarNet spectrometers. All units are calibrated in absolute radiation units for wavelengths between 300 and 1000 nm.


Three Wavelength Options
Three wavelength options are available: 350 to 1000 nm, 300 to 850 nm, or 300 to 1000 nm. (Calibrated wavelength ranges for irradiance measurements).


Field Measurements
Small and lightweight with a rugged housing and no moving parts. Powered through the USB port on a computer allowing mobile field measurements.


Spectroradiometers from Apogee Instruments


Complete Package
Includes spectroradiometer, two meter fiber optic cable, cosine-corrected detector, USB cable, USB drive with required drivers and software (compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems), and shoulder bag (functions as a carrying case and field measurement pack). A reflectance probe and reflectance standard are available as accessories.

Typical Application
Measurement of spectral output (energy flux density, photon flux density, or illuminance) of radiation sources for plant or human lighting, reflectance and transmittance measurements of natural and synthetic surfaces and materials (often plant leaves and canopies), and absorptance measurements of chemical samples.


Case Studies

Reflectance Measurements in Cotton Fields

Reflectance Measurements in Cotton Fields
Estimating defoliation of cotton using reflectance data.
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  Technical Information
Technical Information
Find knowledge base articles, manuals, FAQs, technical support, and more.
+ What type of spectroradiometer do I need?
The PS series are excellent for spot measurements in the lab or field. They can also be used for spot calculations on reflectance or transmittance. The SS series are designed for either spot measurements in a field or lab as well as long-term deployment in a field or lab for various light studies including reflectance and transmittance.
+ What is the spectral range of each spectroradiometer?

PS-100: 350 to 1000 nm

PS-200: 300 to 850 nm

PS-300: 300 to 1000 nm

SS-110: 340 to 820 nm

SS-120: 635 to 1100 nm

+ Are Apogee spectroradiometers waterproof?
PS Lab Series: No, however, the fiber optic sensor is waterproof. Some customers have used the fiber optic cable without the cosine corrected head to get light readings under water. It is not recommended to take readings under water with the cosine corrected head attached. This is because the sensor itself is calibrated with the head attached and readings taken without the head are uncalibrated.


SS Field Series: The SS Series spectroradiometer is not completely waterproof; however, it is very weatherproof. The spectroradiometer was designed for long-term outdoor deployment.


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