MC-100 Firmware Update Instructions

Some GPS enabled MC-100 Chlorophyll meters are affected by a bug that can interfere with the use of custom measurement coefficients.

Specifically, this firmware fix should resolve the following bugs in the affected GPS enabled MC-100 units (serial numbers 1525 - 1558):

  • Continuous beeping
  • Freezes on calibration
  • Fails to find the calibration file
  • Requires removal of battery to get the instrument to run again


To apply the firmware fix, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the mc100gop.bin file (this is the new firmware file)

Step 2: Connect the MC-100 to a USB port on the PC

Step 3: Turn on the instrument

Step 4: Press the Data button. The PC should recognize the instrument as a storage device that you can access using a file explorer (in the same way you would access a USB drive)

Step 5: From the PC, remove the .tab files from the MC-100 and store them in a backup folder on the PC (if these .tab files are lost, they can be re-downloaded from our website here:

Step 6: Once all of the files on the MC-100 have been removed: from the PC, copy and paste the mc100gop.bin file into the unit (it should be the only file stored on the unit now)

Step 7: On the MC-100, press the eject button and disconnect the USB cable

Step 8: Turn the MC-100 off

Step 9: Wait 5 seconds

Step 10: Turn on the MC-100, the MC-100 screen should display the message: "Updating application Please wait"

Step 11: The message will clear when the update has been loaded

Step 12: Once the MC-100 has started up, verify the firmware version

  1. From startup menu
  2. Press System
  3. Press Diag
  4. Press down arrow until Page 4 is displayed
  5. Screen should display that the firmware ID is V1.09

Step 13: Once the firmware ID is confirmed go back to the startup menu and press Data

Step 14: Plug the USB cable into the MC-100 and open it in the same way as Step 4

Step 15: Copy the backed up files from Step 5 back into the MC-100

Step 16: Press the Eject button and disconnect the USB cable

Step 17: The firmware update procedure is now complete