When do I need to send in my sensor for recalibration?

by Sadie Baldwin

When do I need to send in my sensor for recalibration? This is a common question we get, and we have created recommendations and a tool to help you determine if recalibration is necessary

Calibrating sensors to four reference sensors

Some sensors benefit from frequent recalibration every few months while others can be rock-solid stable for years. Even with preventative maintenance, environmental sensors need periodic check-ups.

At Apogee Instruments, our mission is to help you make better measurements. To ensure maximum accuracy, we recommend sending in your sensors for recalibration every two years.

Some manufacturers profit significantly from their services and recommend overly frequent recalibration. Apogee strives to help users understand when recalibration is warranted and offers low-cost and fast turnaround services.

Apogee developed a Clear Sky Calculator so users can use the sun as an effective way to determine the need for recalibration. The calculator has helped users fix problems without disconnecting the sensor. Many apparent drift problems can be solved by appropriate cleaning in the field. This tool also helps identify errors in software, such as an incorrect multiplier.

Clear Sky Calculator Screenshot

If a sensor is consistently different from the Clear Sky Calculator by more than a few percent,  please contact us about recalibration.

We look forward to working with you in the quest to make better measurements.