Cutting-Edge Hemp (Cannabis) Research

by Sadie Baldwin

Bruce Bugbee and a team of scientists at Utah State University are leveraging their expertise in controlled environments to research best cultivation practices, optimize yield, and enhance the quality of hemp (cannabis) for botanical medicines.

Bruce and his team are optimizing the growth of the plants, extracting and characterizing the cannabinoids, and making CBD oil. Then the research will move to the University of Utah's School of Pharmacology.

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Cannabis Setting Now Available for the Apogee MC-100 Chlorophyll Meter

The Apogee MC-100 Chlorophyll Concentration Meter now features a cannabis setting in addition to the 20+ previously available species. This means users can now measure cannabis leaf chlorophyll content with even higher accuracy than they could by using the general "generic" setting, which is available to measure other non-specified species. 

The new setting comes preloaded on MC-100 units with serial #1390 and above and are easily added to older MC-100 units by following these instructions >

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