Solution for Field Logging With Apogee USB Sensors

by Sadie Baldwin

Apogees’ customers find the coolest ways to use our sensors. This recent blog post from Voltaic shows how our popular SQ-520 USB full-spectrum quantum sensor can be connected to their 5V "always-on" battery pack for remote logging up to thirty days without interruption. This "always-on" feature is important because all of our USB sensors have such a low power draw that some USB batteries and power adapters shut down thinking nothing is plugged in. By using the Voltaic battery and enabling the on-board logging memory in our sensor, our USB sensors can be used almost anywhere!

Click here to read Voltaic's blog post on how they did it:

Click here and go to pg. 17 to see how to enable our USB sensor's logging mode in the SQ-520 (the same instructions work for all our USB sensors):

Apogee Instruments' USB SQ-520 full-spectrum quantum sensor.

You can connect the sensor directly to the Voltaic battery

Voltaic solar powered battery with Apogee SQ-520

BONUS: Check out how Apogee Instrument's very own Schuyler Smith used a Voltaic battery and an Apogee SQ-520 in his own backyard in this new blog post!

Please Note: Additional adapter hardware may be required for use with Voltaic batteries. Please contact Apogee technical support to discuss options.