Applications and Uses of Aspirated Radiation Shields

About Aspirated Radiation Shields

Fan-aspirated radiation shields are designed to shield temperature and humidity sensors from incident solar radiation while maintaining equilibrium with ambient air through active aspiration by a fan.

Typical Applications

Applications include air temperature and humidity measurements in weather networks, often for weather forecasting. Fan-aspirated shields are also important in the precise measurement of air temperature and humidity gradients above the land surface and in climate change monitoring.

Sandler, E.J., K.A. Sudduth, S.T. Drummond, A.L. Thompson, J. Chen, P.R. Nash | Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
Tasmania: Ecological Research
Eight TS-100 shields used to provide air temperature measurements to monitor long-term ecological health dynamics within wet eucalyptus forest at the Warra long-term ecological research site (LTER).
TS-100 at Utah State University
The USU weather station uses both an aspirated and static shield to monitor air temperature. A real-time graph on the site shows errors that occur when using static shields.
TS-100 at Peter Sinks
TS-100 used on a weather station at a record-setting cold location-Peter Sinks, Utah.