Product Manuals

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Aspirated Radiation Shield
Barometric Pressure Sensor
Chlorophyll Concentration Meter
Apogee Instruments Guardian
SG-400 (Coming Soon)
SG-410 (Coming Soon)
SG-420 (Coming Soon)
SG-430 (Coming Soon)
Daily Light Integral and Photoperiod Meter
Humidity Probes
Infrared Radiometers
Radiation Frost Detector
NDVI and PRI Sensors
Net Radiometer
Oxygen Sensors
Photometric Sensors
Thermopile Pyranometers
Silicon-cell Pyranometers
Full-Spectrum Quantum Sensors
Original X Quantum Sensor
Original Quantum Sensor - Discontinued June 1, 2021
ePAR Sensors
Quantum Light Pollution Sensors
Red - Far-Red Sensors
PAR-FAR Sensors
Field Spectroradiometers - Retired
InSight Handheld Spectroradiometers
Lab Spectroradiometers
Temperature Sensors
UV Sensors