Quantum Sensor Support

Attention: The wiring colors for connecting our sensors to dataloggers have changed as of March 2018. Please consult the appropriate manual, VIEW our new wiring guide, or CLICK HERE for a downloadable version.


What type of Quantum Sensor do I need?

Which Original Quantum Sensor model do I need?

Which Full-spectrum Quantum Sensor model do I need?

What is the spectral range of Apogee Quantum Sensors?

What is the difference between the SQ-110 (Sunlight Calibration) and the SQ-120 (Electric light Calibration)?

How is the line quantum (SQ-300 series) different from the single sensor (SQ-100, SQ-200, and SQ-400 series)?

Which Quantum Sensor should I purchase for my Greenhouse?

What Quantum Sensor should I purchase for my Aquarium?

What are the new in-line cable connectors?

Can I add additional cable to my sensor?

How can I use a voltmeter to determine readings from my SQ-100 and SQ-300 sereies quantum sensors?

How should my quantum sensor be mounted?

Apogee Quantum Meters waterproof?

How do I get data off my meter?

I need to order a sensor to go with my meter?

Can I add cable to my meter?

I received an error code on my meter. How do I fix it?

What kind of battery does my meter take?

What should I do if my meter becomes non-responsive or experience anomalies?

Is each logged or sampled reading time stamped?

How many readings will the meter take in LOG mode?

How many measurements can I take in SMPL mode?

Do I need to apply an immersion effect correction factor to my meter/sensor measurements?

What is the immersion effect/ immersion effect correction factor?

What is the difference between the MQ-200 and MQ-210 / MQ-500 and MQ-510?

My USB sensor is no longer working after performing an automatic update. How do I fix this?

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